Why Should Women Invest In Real Estate

Besides earning additional income or being able to own an investment that you can leverage in the future or pass on to your kids, one might think these are the only and more obvious reasons to invest.

But as women we should also consider it being a path to protecting our future when a relationship doesn't work. Many people think that in order to generate additional income that you must invest in real estate and that's not necessarily true. If you go into it with that mindset you can also find yourself extremely debt heavy with little income generated but more headache.

As you become a working professional you have to plan for long-term, because you never know when rainy days may present itself.

Think of it like this: if you are in a bind and are in need of cash, one of the greatest advantages to owning real estate is that you can tap into your equity. Assuming you will regularly pay your mortgage on time and have built up more than 20% of equity, it can actually be a cheaper option where payments are rolled into your monthly mortgage instead of having a separate personal loan. You'll also find that many people who refinance use the option of taking money from their equity as cash, which would then increase their overall housing balance for the 15 or 30 year term they have. But nonetheless, you have an option to tap into money or cash reserves when you need it.

The other thing to consider is that owning a home allows you the flexibility to uproot without issue if your relationship ends or you become divorced. You have a fall back plan. Many women I have read in articles for varying situations find themselves surprised by not having been added to the deed of the home and when their loved one passes away they are in a bitter dispute with relatives on who takes possession of the home. You don't want to be in that predicament.

As women, we are so focused on caring for others and assume the same action will be returned but that is not always the case. Your investment in real estate should be for the reason of ensuring your livelihood is maintained and protected and not disrupted.

While making additional money is great your first reason for investing in real estate should be to protect your future!

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