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Neon Fashion Look Not Easy

Updated: Aug 11

I purchased this dress maybe 2 months ago and was finally able to wear to work on the perfect sunny day. I'm a first-time Fashion Nova buyer, so of course I was nervous.

I am here to tell you a couple of things:

1. I absolutely loved the look I came up with on how to style and it's versatility. I wore with many different colors but it all came together nicely.

Dress: Immy Mini Dress by Fashion Nova

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Open Toe Pumps

Jacket: BCBG

2. If you have a bigger posterior you may run into a few issues like myself I had the constant need of having to pull it down by the bottom trim.

It will rise no doubt but fi you are looking to make a statement - you undoubtedly will do so.

I think next time I will check to ensure I don't have any meetings so that I am more glued to my desk and free of worrying about the rise. It's not a high rise but it just depends on your shape with how much you will need to deal with.

Suitable Level for work: 3


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