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Job Seekers: Employers to Hiring Back Laid Off Workers

I came across this article in my feed and what struck me the most was the very last sentence that I had known for many years as far back as 2008.

While I could never fully explain the reason, it is very true - when you are laid off you become singled out, looked down upon as if you were the cause of no longer working - when in fact it was this unnatural cause by the downside or negative shift of the economy, Those aren't the only reasons either. It could be that a company is going through organization restructure or have a high head count.

Regardless of the reason, being actively employed is a preferred status. And the question becomes what should you do when you find yourself in that situation or how to avoid it.Here's what to do:

1. Build allies in the workplace who can give you the heads up when layoffs are expected to come,

2. The moment you hear of layoffs or organization chances, have you resume posted on job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn and build connections in order to create a pipeline of prospective jobs to choose from before you unknowingly become axed.

3. Find ways to keep your resume active to reduce any gaps. Play with dates to show you are still working, Show months not actual dates on your resume so that it gives you more time to look and appear employed. After that time has passed, take up consulting roles. If you end up freelancing - use consulting instead as that is a more widely received industry term.

Remember, B. Brave!



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