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How I Started My Airbnb Business

If you're looking to run an Airbnb, I think it's important to know that you shouldn't just get into it for money, because it could diminish your focus of providing the quality experience that any Airbnb guest would want and look for.

When I decided to have an Airbnb, I wanted to provide and share the experience I feel each time I walk into my home, the feeling of being on vacation with bright natural light beaming through.

You should also determine how does your house make you feel, what areas or features about your home do you like most and make that become the selling point for why people should book your Airbnb. Every home has character and is different. I have a cape code that was redesigned to have a cottage interior. All the small tiny areas of the home I redesigned into a functional space for window reading or an office nook.

Once you have defined those features, communicate it in the description of your listing and through the photos you take. When I created my listing, it took me a number of edits to update the description when I realized there's a limited character count to write. But you will have other opportunities to expand more on the details of your home. My recommendation is to discuss the style of the home, highlight a few features and its proximity to surrounding places such as restaurants, hiking paths, grocery stores, etc. Let the reader know why they should book your airbnb or browse your photos to learn more. You'll want to mention what type of experience they will receive.

You profile and bio is also crucial. I think it is important to list your photo so they know its a real Airbnb as there are scammers who list fake Airbnb homes. In addition, tell them about yourself and why you're an Airbnb host. My selling point is that I am an avid traveler and therefore frequent Airbnb homes. Because of this I know what an Airbnb guest would want because I would seek similar accommodation.

Airbnb actually provides tips on what you should include so I recommend taking the time to read their suggestions.

Lastly, your photos are they key driver of generating views and bookings. I went through many iterations of updating my photos - from using my phone camera to a professional camera. I started with very few photos to realizing the point of listing over 40 photos is to provide potential guest with a tour of your home that cannot be done through voice or video.

Your photos should include descriptions so they understand what they are looking at and where its located within the home. I've also included many alternate views of the same photos and labeled as such in the description so that viewers know its not just a repeat.

Take photos of any areas of the home that highlight those key features that may attract the type of guests you are looking for: large groups, families, couples or any professional visitors.

Lastly, I recommend rotating your cover photo. I do this frequently to determine what image resonates well with viewers and what photos keeps my listing fresh and inviting to want to learn more. For instance, try to have photos that reflect the current season. I actually uploaded photos of the outside of my home from the fall instead of the summer and realized I should take the photo to show it in season for Chicago weather.

And how I received the amount of money I gained so quickly is due to simply knowing the value of my home and sticking to it. Whenever I could opt in for a promotion I would, but looking at my competition - I studied their photos, furniture, layout and offering to determine my price. I also respond very quickly and decline requests where they provide very little information to why they are seeking to book a stay and or are seeking to throw a party.

So if you are looking to become an Airbnb host, it's not difficult, list your property and have fun with showing guests the experience your home is ready to offer. Check your view performance often in order to make adjustments to your photos and wait for inquiries to come.

As a side not, I have not yet had luck with advertising on Facebook and Instagram, however when I tried - Airbnb does not tell you where traffic comes from for the views you receive.

If you have questions about starting your Airbnb, drop a comment, would be happy to hear from you.

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