BrittanyKnows is an overarching brand developed to inspire women to build their own destiny by going after their dreams and not relying on another gender for their success. Empowering them with the knowledge that they can be successful. 


I developed this brand to address 3 critical areas of women’s life journey: career, home and self care. 


When I saw that many women who were in relationships, where it surprisingly ended had no back up plan and therefore stuck and left wondering what to do and or where they will live, I decided to provide them with support and knowledge on how to get into real estate in order to prevent them from not having a backup plan if everything is in their spouse’s name. 


I provide guidance on career as more often than not we rely on and or the decisions are made by male employers to decide if they will hire or promote women professionals. Leaving us to think we have to remain in the background in a supportive role to get ahead when we have the intelligence and held the cards from day one to make intelligent decisions towards our work projects.


I purchased SeeingThngs because from career and managing a home we need time for self-care through yoga or working out. We also need to recognize that our journey is how we define it and that how we look and feel is what we decide and should be embraced by offering a range of sizes and empowering workout gear.