My Story

Brittany Johnson, M.B.A


I was raised and surrounded by 3 strong women: My grandmother, a southern cotton-picker; My Aunt, a prom queen and most popular in her class; and My mother, a go-getter banker who was the life of a party! Each one taught me something different: be a hard worker despite your limitations and disadvantages; how to dress and present myself as a woman with confidence; and putting education and career first to surpass my peers.

I had alot of pressure growing up to be the first at many things when all I wanted was to be like everyone else: fit in, have a relationship and create a family. As a teen I grew frustrated with my father's life teachings but he later became the best advisor I could have with his words and wisdom. They never made sense in the beginning. Because I was and had to be the first at many things including the oldest sibling - I had to fail, try again and repeat until I succeeded. I spent alot of time networking, listening, and relying on many short and long-term external relationships. 

Out of pure necessity to succeed and scared of what my life would become if I failed and became nothing, I studied at Purdue University and built my career obtaining various key roles with Fortune 10 & 100 companies based in Chicago within Tech. During this time I received my MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, which led me to founding BrittanyKnows to pursue my lifelong desire of entrepreneurship; provide great advice on career and fashion in a manner that is understandable, relatable and enriching to improve your decision-making. I understand no matter what point in your life that motivation and support is a key factor in driving success and I am here to provide just that.